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Normatec Recovery System

Maximizes Recovery for Athletes and Non-Athletes


NormaTec Compression

NormaTec technology uses sequential pulse technology to combine three different massage techniques that work together to maximize the body’s natural recovery process.

The three techniques: compression, gradients, and distal release improve circulation in the body helping you to recover faster, perform better and feel stronger. Pioneered by bioengineer and rehabilitation physician Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, the dynamic compression technology NormaTec was created to treat patients suffering from circulation-related conditions. It developed out of traditional compression therapy that uses therapeutic elasticated stockings, which could be constricted to allow veins to loosen.


Compression Therapy That’s Customized to Your Needs

Explore the benefits of massage therapy that’s driven by technology. NormaTec compression massage speeds up the body’s natural recovery process by enhancing blood flow. The three primary benefits of NormaTec compression therapy are:

How Compression Therapy Can Help You

For those suffering from circulation issues as a result of injury, surgery, or medical conditions, compression therapy can help.

The technology is also used extensively by athletes for post-workout recovery and as part of a rehabilitation program. NormaTec is used by some of the world’s best athletes, from triathletes runners and cyclists to the US Olympic Committee. The technology has also been used by the US Navy Seals, NCAA players, and NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. The therapy allows athletes to recover faster between training sessions and after competing. Reducing downtime between sessions means that athletes can train harder and perform better, as well as benefiting from enhanced flexibility which translates into better results on the track or field.


Your NormaTec Treatment

Using technology to improve flexibility and circulation while reducing soreness

NormaTec compression therapy session uses compressed air to massage different areas of the body, such as your arms, legs or hips. During the appointment, the patented NormaTec technology first molds to your body shape then begins the compression massage. Depending on the area being treated, the compression will begin in your hands, feet, or upper quads before gradually moving up the limb.

The patented massage pattern closely follows the human physiology, compressing, and releasing in a pulsing style, similar to a traditional massage. The session duration is between 20 and 30 minutes.


Recover Faster and Perform Better with NormaTec Compression Therapy

Our experienced therapists are up-to-date on the latest NormaTec training and technology, ensuring that each client has a personalized treatment that targets and addresses their underlying concerns. They look forward to welcoming you as you explore the recovery and rehabilitation benefits of this innovative technology. Please fill in the contact form below or give us a call on 847-748-8804 to schedule an appointment.

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