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Access the Healing Power of Infrared Light


The Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Experience the advantages of an infrared sauna session for yourself

Heal your body and benefit from the health-giving anti-aging and detox benefits of an infrared sauna. Infrared is a safe, completely natural way to nourish your muscles, joints, and tissues by cleansing your body’s cells, and removing harmful waste and toxins.


Experience the advantages of an infrared sauna session for yourself.

Experience the advantages of an infrared sauna session for yourself. The benefits of infrared sauna sessions are numerous and include:

Your Infrared Sauna Session

You set the intensity and duration of your session

An infrared sauna produces infrared heat that is the same as that produced by the sun. During the session, the radiant heat penetrates deeply into the body’s muscles, tissues, and joints to increase the flow of oxygen and circulation. In the process, impurities are removed from your cells helping to improve overall wellness.

The infrared heat produced by the sauna is completely safe as it does not contain any of the ultraviolet rays that the sun gives off. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths from far thermal wavelengths which are hot, to near infrared waves that do not carry heat. Far infrared energy is the most beneficial as it penetrates the skin to increase circulation, and is supported by the near and mid wavelengths.


Begin Healing from Within

Our state-of-the-art infrared sauna can be booked for private sessions. If you want to begin healing from the inside, regular sessions will help you detoxify, boost immunity, and improve energy levels. Please fill in the contact form below or give us a call on 847-748-8804 to schedule an appointment.

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