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Proper nutrition and a healthy relationship with food are vital to feeling your absolute best.

Elite strives to help patients replace food anxiety with the idea that good nutrition feels like a breath of fresh air – natural and necessary.

Through evidence-based and goal-oriented advice, Elite will help you identify the most realistic actions that help you reach your goals. Every appointment is tailored to meet each person’s unique nutritional needs and lifestyle, whether it be for those with a disease or for those who want to simply stay well.

Nutrition can seem like an overwhelming and confusing concept. Elite’s mission is to change that perspective by helping you to repair your relationship with food, instill confidence in your food decisions, and allow you to celebrate food!

Elite’s Dietitian can help you with the following:

  • Losing body fat and inches
  • Overcoming a health challenge
  • Feeling less listless in the afternoon
  • Performing at a higher level in sports and exercise classes
  • Managing your daily stress and sleeping better at night
  • Boosting your libido and managing hormonal fluctuations


Ariella Viner

Licensed dietitian nutritionist.

Hi, I am Ariella Viner. My passion for helping people achieve their best self and heal their body through whole food nutrition is deeply rooted in my personal life experience with my own gastrointestinal issues.

This experience helped me realize the importance of health and wellness and led me to change my career path from finance to getting educated and certified to help you achieve your goals and live your best life! I cannot wait to create a customized program to keep your gut healthy, your mind clear, and your body fit and strong.


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