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Semi-Private Classes

Elite Wellness offers semi-private classes that are purposely small and structured to provide effective workouts that are safe and individualized based on the needs of each person.

Class Packages and Online Booking now available! 

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Elite Strength Training 

High intensity, low impact strength training class that focuses on key fundamental movements to build core, lower and upper body strength.

This program focuses on technique and form in order to achieve optimal results in a small group environment. Each class will circuit through different exercises targeting different parts of the body. Class incorporates using val slides, light weights, kettlebells, rollers and bands.


Our Instructors

Jenna Gershman graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Journalism and went on to get her Masters in Education from Roosevelt University. She taught Kindergarten for several years before switching her focus to Fitness and Wellness. After going through her own personal journey to a more healthy lifestyle she now wants to help others reach their own goals and desires.

Paul Matthews is a rehabilitation specialist with an extensive background in screening and assessing for faulty movement patterns, weaknesses, and imbalances. Paul's experience in understanding the mechanisms behind injuries gives him unique insight into teaching and correcting the technical aspects of the movements performed in our Elite small group strength training aimed at achieving optimal posture, balance, stability, and strength.