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The Practitioners of Elite Wellness pride themselves on putting the needs of their clients first and making recommendations that are realistic for achieving optimal body balance.

Depending on the client, some are able to achieve this balance through adjusting their “whole food” in-take, where as some individuals may need additional support achieving optimal body balance.

Option 1:

Depending on the client, (“simply”) making adjustments to their  “whole food” in-take is all it takes to achieve optimal body balance.  However, most individuals need additional support.

Option 2:

For those clients needing additional support, we offer them scientifically backed supplement protocols and recommendations.

Two of our main providers are Designs for Health and Thorne Research

Designs for Health:

The Designs for Health "Science First" philosophy is the difference you'll notice. It means superior quality products and proven efficacy. It means optimal results for us, and for our clients. “It is one way that we demonstrate our commitment to care — because helping people lead healthier lives is our ultimate goal.”


Thorne Research:

Thorne Research philosophy on why supplements matter is that large segments of the population have suboptimal nutrient intakes. Research also shows that nutritional supplements can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. The intake of antioxidants and other key nutrients can improve quality of life. Also specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies can increase the risk for certain chronic conditions.