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A Proper Night's Sleep Is Essential To Any Fitness Regime

Over 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems today. Many contributing factors have been linked to sleep deprivation; including stress, disease, mental illness, depression, obesity, and poor quality of life & well being. Our services and treatments at Elite Sports Therapy & Wellness provide solutions for many of the contributing factors that lead to sleepless nights.

Elite has partnered with Kugona Sleep Technologies to offer you continued treatment solutions for you in the comfort of your own home. The Kugona Sound to Sleep System™ combines the science of well established relaxation techniques with advanced tactile sensory output to produce a calming sleep environment. Kugona products create an environment that completely supports the body while totally relaxing the mind.

To learn more about Kugona, please speak with your Elite Practitioner about the full benefits of Kugona Sleep Technologies and the many ways Elite Sports therapy can assist you in getting the good night sleep you deserve. If you are new to Elite Sports Therapy & Wellness, please click the link below to schedule an initial consultation.


A Kugona Mattress Enhances Your Sleeping Experience

We encourage you to visit the full range of Kugona products at their online store.