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Paul Matthews CR, CSCS

Soft Tissue & Rehabilitation Specialist

Paul Matthews is a Soft Tissue & Rehabilitation specialist who graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2010. Paul has since developed a highly technical and unique treatment system that combines cutting edge soft-tissue techniques with functional rehabilitation methods to achieve fast and effective results for his patients. 

Paul’s approach is to first assess for faulty movement patterns through functional screening and correct it by using specialized manual therapy techniques and specific corrective exercise protocols. 
As a former athlete Paul suffered a series of injuries in high school football that subsequently lead to two spine surgeries that forever changed his life. His passion to stay fit and desire to continue to compete in sports has lead him to pursue the most cutting edge advancements in sports medicine and rehabilitation. 

These experiences have given him a unique insight from a patients standpoint into the traditional western medicine approach consisting of pain management, surgery and physical therapy to a long list of alternative therapies including Rolfing, massage, Trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release, graston technique, ARP Wave Therapy, Acupuncture, dry needling, Active Release Technique, Muscle Activation Technique, Functional Rehabilitation, Cupping, Prolotherapy, Cryo therapy, and Chiropractic manipulation. 


Paul’s insight from both a patients and practitioners standpoint affords him the ability to offer a well rounded approach to clients health and wellness. His clients vary from general population to treating a number of collegiate and professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Crossfit, MMA and the Olympics.