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What is Functional Rehabilitation? 

Functional Rehabilitation is a fundamental philosophical shift from treating the area of pain to treating the area of dysfunction. In other words, instead of treating what hurts, we treat what’s causing the pain!  In order to better understand the cause of your pain, your Elite Practitioner will have you undergo a series of passive and movement based assessments, designed to expose any imbalance, weakness, asymmetry, immobility, inflexibility or range of motion issue. Based on these findings we will create a protocol to address the source of your pain or discomfort.  Your individualized protocol will consist of a combination of highly specific corrective exercises and stretches, plus any treatment or therapy that is necessary.

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To determine which functional rehab exercises are best I use a functional movement screen to assess what part of the body is weak and what part of the body is too tight. Tight muscles need to me loosened up by specialized soft tissue techniques or functional mobility exercises, and weak muscles need to be strengthen by specific functional stability exercises specific to the individual. By doing these techniques we resolve short and long term issues and bring the body back to balance.